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A lit porchlight is an invitation to gather, a signal that you are welcome. The people of Porchlight Book Company offer a similar message—that your book needs, however challenging, are welcome. The services we’ve tailored to meet them are not governed by an algorithm, but by the collective experience and wisdom attained over our 35 years as a bulk book service company—previously as 800-CEO-READ. We are united by books and dedicated to providing high-touch, human support to authors, organizations looking for books in bulk, and the publishing industry.

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The services Porchlight provides have been built in response to the unique needs of bulk book buyers—the authors, publishers, publicists and agents, and organizations we’ve worked with closely for over three decades. If you have a need you don’t see addressed in the services we have listed, don’t hesitate to call us. We are a small, flexible company that thrives on understanding what needs may arise next in bookselling, and how we can meet them.

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With a dedicated customer service team, author services team, and an editorial and marketing team, Porchlight can help at each stage of a book’s lifecycle.

For Book Buyers


Getting a large quantity of books delivered to the right place(s), at the right time, can be a challenge. We make it easy.

For Publicists & Agents


We put our extensive experience and network of relationships within the industry to work to build the connective tissue and set a strategy to make each step of a book’s lifecycle a success.

I've worked with these folks for years. They are great with all orders, especially over 25. And you get humans, not just algorithms.

Bob Sutton - Author, The No Asshole Rule

The Porchlight team don't just believe in books—they are passionate about bringing the ideas in them to the readers that authors want to impact. Their dedication and years of experience supporting authors to spread their ideas manifest in the form of stellar editorials, targeted promotion and sales logistics. If you're looking for support to launch or share your book with the world, Porchlight will help you navigate that journey.

Bernadette Jiwa - Author, Hunch and Story Driven

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